Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Paddy Fields


Some pictures from my Bali trip recently! We went to this french restuarant by the paddy fields a little before dinner time so we took a stroll and enjoyed the amazing landscape. The sweet potato chips were so yummy and went well with cocktails.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Fancy Pants


A typical scenario repeats ifself every so often when I add a 'forever to have and to hold' piece to my wardrobe, I reach for it every single day. Fancy pants need no bold accessorising so I called it a day with just minimal yet functional pieces. Melbourne has been scotching hot over the long weekend, I can't imagine myself wearing anything else but this cami. Braving to step out of the house proved to be rewarding. I bought home an opal necklace from a gem show. If you love semi-precious as much as I do, check out my Agate bracelets. No pressure of course!

satin cami by Asos, Bario Kashmiri trousers by Isabel Marant (old), slippers by Zara, watch by Fossil, bracelet by Pandora (from Essence collection)

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Project 12.12: February Update

First update of Project 12.12, which is basically my challenge to myself to only make 12 planned purchases (excluding basics) this year. So far two months into 2014 is almost up and I am quite proud with my progress. I have been eyeing this lace slip dress from Zara for months but couldn't justify if a trend item will stand the test of time. The color really hit the jackpot for me, I find myself wearing my black dresses the most, a piece like this can be layered in endless ways. My pick to bring me through the upcoming autumn/winter is the Isabel Marant Scarlet boots (on sale here). It looked killer when I wore them with skinny jeans yesterday. Yep I am guilty of stroking the leather every time I put them on.

Read the previous post of Project 12.12 here.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Fringe Benefits

I'm having a new obssesion with mini skirts, low waisted is the way to go. Everything is kept at slight oversized fit, perfect for casual day outs. The color palette on this Equipment blouse is so clean and light, I love how it adds a touch of interest to my outfit in an understated way. Today however I found stains all over the blouse, a read on the washing instruction says I should dry clean it. Too late now!

denim jacket by Just Jeans, chccked silk blouse by Equipment, denim skirt by Denim & Supply

Friday, 14 February 2014

Australian Summer

Whenever and wherever a ray of sunshine hits, you will see a bunch of us vitamin D deprived scooting to the beach donned with our best summer gear. I have to say we missed the memo this time and wore proper footwear. But one thing we are more than sure; the more scotching hot the sun rays, the better. Just kidding. It'll be inhumane to bring back last year's 43 degree celsius Christmas.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Summer Layers

Never thought I would agree with Miley Cyrus on the subject of cropped tops. Most likely it was the thick sweater material and concealed arm area that drawn me in. I'm still on the fence of wearing it during summer with so much midriff exposed. But throw it on top of other pieces and I'm all up for it.  This time I wore it with an Asos cami to catch Robocop at the cinema. What can I say? I loose interest with my Asos pieces way too quickly to brush aside the guilt factor. This cami however has proved its worth, almost as useful as a tank top but ten times the glam. I tend to wear black lace bralet underneath it. ps: Have you watched the latest Robocop? I love the concept for a movie but definitely not in real life!

cropped sweater and leather skirt by Zara, cami by Asos, Boy bag by Chanel