Saturday, 26 July 2014

Coveting: R13 Oversized Plaid Flight Jacket

Plaids or some call it check, might have just received an open invitation as a classic pattern in my heart. Red is a pop of color that I wouldn't mind wearing occasionally, especially on dull days, isn't it only natural that we reach for something bright?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Perfect Check

knit from Zara, Ugo check shirt from Etoile Isabel Marant, coat from H&M, Scarlet boots from Isabel Marant

This flannel check shirt is a new buy, as always I have the urge to wear my new pieces asap. Waiting for the next day can be long, so the likelihood of me wearing it at home is quite high. I love the casual flair the pattern adds. Layering up on top is something I wouldn't miss to avoid cold shivers, my legs though is pretty much less sensitive to cold. Isn't this the same for majority of the female population? When I was in Japan last winter, girls were dressed in skirts and stockings. Winter mornings in Japan can be hard. It snows too may I remind you. So I give props to whose how can brave through the day in said outfit and still stay warm. And doing that in heels, riding a bike and trying to dodge a sea of people. I will get there some day.

Coveting: Acne Suede Skirt

I'm lusting all things suede at the moment. Yes I worry a lot about food accidents when carrying anything made of suede but slowly thats happening less.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Fuzzy and Blue

Sweater from Topshop Boutique, jeans from R13, Betty bag from Saint Laurent, quilted sneakers from Chloe

I don't usually go for blue sweater thinking the colour clashes with blue denim I so often wear. Throwing in splashes of other colours makes the monotone a bit more interesting. For example the sporty burgundy stripes on my sneakers. What else you couldn't see here is the quilted details. I really should take close up pictures of them next time. Taking care of mohair is quite tricky but unlike wool, a vigorous shake will dislodge most dirt particles. To increase lifespan of your mohair pieces, soak in lukewarm water when it needs a good wash.

Style Friday 0.7

credits: 1, 2, 3, 456, 7, 8

Happy Friday, stay warm and chic! Outfit post coming up tomorrow. Bisou bisou x

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Blooming Winter

Isabel Marant √Čtoile Rowan tunic, R13 navy skinny jeans, Isabel Marant x H&M coat, Saint Laurent Betty shoulder bag, Tony Bianco boots, Stelle Nine bracelets

Chances of me stumbling upon a floral print that I adore is slim, conventional floral print just does not work for me. Somehow I find the pattern to be either too crowded or too colourful. I totally sold when I saw this Rowan tunic on the rack though, its something that I can't wait to wear even if its a piece from the spring summer collection. Thats a good trick to justify a purchase too, if you can't wear it now, you probably wouldn't wear it later. I feel much more cheerful incorporating a subtle floral print as part of my winter ensemble. The linen and  silk blend will work for summer too.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Style Friday 0.6

credits: 1/2/3/4/5

Today I'm longing for steaming hot cuppa tea and snuggling in my fuzzy sweater, of course its not a cozy Friday night without a Walking Dead marathon!